While outdoor furniture is made to last and withstand weather elements, it doesn’t mean you should leave it outside to rot. That’s why furniture covers are invented, to fit over your belongings and keep them protected from wind and rain.

Most of us have already invested a significant sum of money in high-quality garden furniture, so it’s a logical step to get high-quality covers as well. However, keep in mind that price often doesn’t determine the quality, especially if you wish to purchase waterproof chair covers.

That’s why in this article, we will discuss suitable materials and help you select the best cover for your needs.


Properly treated polyester is the most suitable material you can use to cover your furniture. It is lightweight, durable, and a favorite among homeowners. Also, this material is water-resistant, machine washable, and easy to maintain.

Be aware that polyester covers aren’t only water-resistant, but some brands also offer UV and mildew-resistant protectors. In that case, some options are more durable than others. But, overall, you won’t make a mistake whatever polyester cover you choose because it will last you for years.

Polyester outdoor furniture cover


Vinyl covers are waterproof, have excellent tensile strength, and are pretty affordable. You have to agree that this is a decent combination of features, especially if you want to save some money. Occasionally, they will crack on the sun and you just clean annoying flakes. In some cases, your garden furniture will come with already installed vinyl covers.

So, there is no need to replace them. They are also easy to maintain; you just need warm water and mild dish soap. Remember that they aren’t machine washable. Also, don’t saturate the protectors with water.


Even though it is one of the weakest materials available on the market, it’s also the cheapest one. One layer of polypropylene cover will last you only one season. Even if you keep it away from the sun, polypropylene will just designate before your eyes. This also makes the cleaning process more challenging.

Of course, you can clean the covers, but you have to be extra careful. Use a towel or a cloth; don’t use a brush. Even a towel will weaken the material and accelerate your cover’s demise. Fortunately, these protectors are quire cheap, so replacing them won’t break your bank account.


If you choose canvas, make sure to pick one that’s UV, mildew, and mold resistant. This fabric is strong, and some products are even machine washable. However, most of them aren’t water-resistant, so it might not be a suitable solution for rainy days, even though they are more elegant and softer.

How to choose the right cover?

There are a couple of features you should focus on before you go shopping:

  • Choosing the right materials according to your preferences
  • Getting the right dimensions
  • Checking whether it’s waterproof
  • Buying a breathable design
  • Ensuring it has tie-downs

Purchasing covers that have soft cloth backing, so they don’t damage your furniture