Cozy and aesthetically appealing furniture brings function and comfort to your outdoor space. With a couple of furniture pieces, you can transform the look of your patio and enjoy the pleasurable moment with your friends and family.

However, your options might be limited when it comes to the outdoor console table because this unit isn’t something that many would consider Homeowners are more interested in comfortable chairs, armchairs, or a hammock. But, don’t despair; we are going to share a couple of ideas you will love and help you find an ideal console table for your patio.

Keila Solid Wood Buffet & Console Table

Made from solid wood, Keila Solid Wood Buffet & Console Table provides you with plenty of space and offers various storage options. It will perfectly blend with the surrounding ensuring you have a functional and, at the same time, beautiful piece of furniture. Considering it’s made for eucalyptus wood; its charming design strikes a contemporary look.

Keila Solid Wood Buffet & Console Table

Standing 32” tall, this table has a rectangular platform, which is great for mixing drinks, displaying plants, or serving appetizers. On the other hand, covered storage ensures you have enough space to hide your garden supplies, barware, or even an ice bucket.

Buecker Buffet and Console Table

This outdoor console will add to your home personality, and it is designed to present not only your patio essentials but also your family memories. You can place family photos, souvenirs, or personal items that are important to you. 

Buecker Buffet and Console Table is also made from eucalyptus wood, featuring two hinged doors, with one open shelf, offering even more storage space. Additionally, this unit is weather-resistant, which makes it a great addition to your outdoor space. However, it does require regular maintenance with teak oil, four times a year.

Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table

Do you enjoy hanging in the backyard chatting and relaxing? In that case, an entertaining station is a must for you. Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table is a mobile cart that works perfectly for gatherings on the patio or deck, enabling you plenty of space to serve and prepare your food.

It features a stainless-steel top with additional open and sealed storage space, ideal for water bottles, plates, snacks, and more. On the other hand, if gardening is your hobby, you can transform this unit to meet your specific gardening needs. Here you can keep water cans, gloves, bag soil, or any other necessity you may need.

Modena Solid Wood Buffet & Console Table

Da you have perfectly decorated patio? Well, you probably haven’t considered buying a console table? That’s why now is the right time to get a Modena Solid Wood Buffet & Console Table. It comes with two shelves where you can install two sets of drawers to hide your grill essentials, store ice and drinks, or use it as a bar.

It’s constructed from solid wood, which means it’s perfect for all outdoor activities, especially when you enjoy beautiful afternoons with your friends.

KeAndre Outdoor Buffet & Console Table

Even though this piece of furniture falls into the category of more expensive console tables, its design and functionality justify the price. KeAndre Outdoor Buffet & Console Table sets the mark for the outdoor dining experience. The combination of materials such as dried teak and sturdy iron base ensures you have a reliable and stable outdoor unit. Its multifunctional use lets you store your cold beverages since it contains a stainless-steel beverage tub with a drain hold while you are preparing an appetizer for your friends.