Jati Furniture specializes in wholesale and retail sales of teak root furniture, our buyers travel all around the world to choose unique pieces in hundreds of small villages where local artisans hand carved each root using its natural and unique shape to create a unique piece every time.

Jati is one of the best suppliers of teak root furniture and decoration products, among our teak root products you will find teak root coffee tables, teak root side tables, rustic coffee tables, teak root benches, teak root chairs, teak root armchairs, teak root stools, teak root sculptures, teak root dining tables, teak root sculptures among others.

All of our root furniture and decoration products are made from the teak roots of a government-managed plantation, which ensures the legal cutting, and replanting of every teak three used. The process of creating furniture from the teak roots has been around for many decades but it was only a few years ago when the teak root furniture started gaining an important space in the decoration industry. Jati has managed to become one of the top teak root furniture suppliers in the USA. All our root furniture is unique and not two are the same.

Jati Furniture can supply the teak root furniture and teak root decoration finishes witch are, natural which is the final pieces just find sanded but with out any finish or waxed in witch every piece is hand waxed after being sanded to obtain a unique glossy look.


Teak root benches are usually used on patios, porch’s, pool areas and garden areas, but designers and decorators have found that combining one of this teak furniture benches with other types of modern furniture for the inside of a home is a really good option, giving the room where it is used a touch of natural and uniqueness. All our teak root benches are unique and are hand carved followings each piece of root natural shapes.


Teak root coffee tables & teak root side tables can be used indoors or outdoor they can be combined with any type of modern or antique furniture for the inside or with any rattan or teak furniture set for the outside. This rustic coffee tables or rustic side tables will give any area in your home a unique natural feel.


Teak root chairs are a great complement for any area, you can make a set combining more than one teak root chair or just add a single teak root chair to any of your existing furniture, giving a fresh and unique look and in the same time using a piece of furniture 100% eco friendly.


Jati also carries a complete line of teak decoration products in which you will be able to find unique pieces of decoration including, teak root masks, teak root bowls, teak root vases, teak root carvings, teak root stools, teak wood mirrors, teak root sculptures and several other products made from 100% natural teak root. These teak root decoration products are mostly used for indoors, but they can also be used in outdoor areas.