Rattan Furniture

Do you know this style of furniture: rattan furniture? This style has a unique and different look than other types of furniture. The idea of using rattan with furniture is the shape that can be reached when it’s done correctly. Many people don’t know the correct information about rattan.

Rattan furniture can be made from over 500 kinds of rattan that are commonly used to make baskets and furniture. Rattan is usually obtained from trees, plants and bushes. The benefit of this material is that the color can be managed, the natural color of rattan is green, but it can be changed with specific procedures. That’s one of the reasons people choose rattan furniture, practically any color is available or there is a procedure to make it. For example, in Jati furniture, if you see the rattan furniture they offer, it has a gray finish, that is because of the procedures rattan went through makes it looks that way.

Another aspect that most people don’t know about rattan furniture passes through a weaving process; the rattan looks like strips that are weaved around any kind of natural wood, which will be the base of the furniture. In rattan furniture, rattan will be those little strips woven around the body of the furniture. That’s something not many people know. The best rattan furniture is woven over a wood or bamboo frame. That’s how the best furniture companies work.

It is commonly preferred because of the foreign looks it gives to the environment that will be decorated. The maintenance of rattan furniture is kind of simple. It can be dusted with a feather, or even a soft brush. The normal maintenance that is given to a TV or any other thing in your house to prevent dust can be applied to rattan furniture. Something important that you have to keep in mind is that rattan furniture can’t have direct sunlight exposure because it can be damage by it.