There is nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub after long hours at work, right? It’s a great way to rejuvenate while listening to the sounds of a crackling fire. Woodfire hot tub or also known as a Japanese soaking tub is quite popular among homeowners.

Even though some people go for more conventional solutions, others engage in personal and sensual ritual, watching their worries and tension burn away. That’s why we compiled this guide to help you heat your hot tub and discover how long does it take to heat.

Start with a plan

When you are getting ready for your outdoor experience, you need to plan accordingly. Keep in mind that summer and winter temperatures aren’t the same. For example, during hot summer days, you will need approximately two hours to heat the water and up to four hours in the cold season.

Using wood is much cheaper than an electric heater, and on top of all, you will enjoy taking care of the fire.

Prepare firewood in advance

gather and prepare firewood

You should prepare firewood in advance because it can take a bit of time. Try making some kindling, chop fine firewood and then larger longs. Also, make sure the wood is dry so you can avoid smoking. The most used types of wood are beech, oak, but any wood you have will work.

Fill the water and check the water level

While you are chopping firewood, start filling the tub. However, make sure to fill it below the tub’s top ridge; otherwise, the water will spill when you enter. The water level should reach up to eight inches below the top.

You don’t necessarily have to empty the tub when you are finished bathing because embers still live in the heater. Once the water reaches the desired temperature, you can turn it off and place the lid on top of the tub because the water heats up faster. Occasionally, you may open the lid to check the temperature or keep the thermometer floating in the water.

Start your fire with kindling and tinder

Start your fire with kindling

Some people use ready firelighters, but you should avoid burning paper since its ashes and chirps are likely to go through the chimney and into the water. In that case, you should burn softwood to build up the fire.

If you place large firewood right away, it will take a longer time to heat the tub.

Maintain a steady temperature

Once the temperature reaches 37°C, maintain the heat by burning large firewood. At this stage, you can also use more hardwood since it will burn slower.

Check the temperature

If the temperature gets too hot, make sure to open the lid or consider adding more cold water, to adjust the temperature according to your body.

How long does it take to heat your tub?

Even though we mention that heating time depends on the season, other factors such as the tub and burner size also affect heating time. For example, to reach a temperature of 38C, it will take approximately two to three hours. However, on warmer days, with a light breeze, it will take you even less.

3 hours later

You control the temperature by the amount of wood you add and air supply to the heater. Make sure that your tub is always full; otherwise, heating a half-empty tub may cause the melting of the stove. Once the fire is completely out, you may empty your tub.

How to maintain your hot tub?

Taking care of your hot tub and cleaning it regularly is an important thing to do. You should drain the water and wash the tub’s surface with a garden hose or a high-pressure hose. For cleaning solutions, you can use natural and biodegradable products.

The fired hot tub is different from other hot tub types since people use it two or three times before they drain the water. In this case, there is no need to use chemicals to maintain the water fresh, and it’s especially suitable for homeowners who want to experience chemical-free hot tub spa treatment.

maintain a hot tub

If you use the hot tub frequently, then you will have to sanitize it as well. For domestic use, apply non-chlorine shock treatment. Additionally, a shock oxidizer prevents the development of bacteria and cloudy water. It oxidizes water and removes all organic matter such as dead skin cells, urine, perspiration, and cosmetics. Use this solution once a week!

Make sure to monitor pH as well, which should be between 7.2 and 7.8.

Will the water be warm the next morning? If you follow the instruction we listed above, the water should still be warm. These days, hot tubs are made to retain heat; therefore, you will require minimal heating in the morning.