People usually talk about expensive electric tubs without even considering wood fired hot tub options. While electric spas are more convenient, wood-fired ones are cheaper, and that’s something to have in mind when choosing between these two models.

Having a hot tub in your backyard is a great way to spend some time relaxing, enjoy sunny weather, and even invite a couple of friends for a bath. To know which option to choose, in this article, we will discuss how a wood-fired hot tub works and why you should invest money in this model?

How does it work?

With this type of tub, the warmth is generated by the heater for most of the year. However, the customers can choose between two different heaters, external and integrated. When it comes to heating, gravity plays a significant role since it allows efficient water heating.

The warm water accumulates at the top, while cooler water remains at the bottom. On the other hand, a heater and hot tubes are installed outside the hot tub. One is placed at the top while the other is installed at the bottom.

The tube located at the bottom intakes the cold water and moves it to the heater, to get hot enough and then discharges it back into the hot tub through a top tube. As long as you are heating the water, this cycle will continue. So, basically, this is a primary concept of every wood-fired hot tub.

Can you have a woodfire hot tub with jets?

We should mention all jacuzzi accessorize used nowadays are powered by electricity. But, even if you have a wood fire hot tub, you can still install jets. There are two types of jacuzzi accessorize, which are also known as massage system.

The first one is designed to create water bubbles. Depending on how big is your hot tub, you will install a suitable number of jets. For instance, an average hot tub requires approximately 12 jets placed at the bottom of your spa. In this way, bubbles emerge from the ground, creating a stunning effect.

On the other hand, we have a hydromassage scheme as well. In this case, the jets are fitted inside the walls. These types of jets are stronger and directly impact your body. Since they are water-powered, they must the removed during winter months; otherwise, the water will freeze inside and damage the jets.

How to use wood fired spa?

Usually, a wood-fired hot tub leads us to the days when there was no electricity or gas access. However, nowadays, people enjoy the crackling sound of burning wood while soaking in a hot tub. If you are one of those who love the rustic appearance of wood-fired hot tubs, you can find numerous manufacturers online.

wood fired spa

When it comes to operating a hot tub, this one requires little more work than an electric spa. However, the basic principle is the same. But, with this unit, you can’t maintain a certain temperature like you would an electric one. Additionally, the heat stratifies, which means hot water lingers at the top while cooler water sticks to the bottom.

To prevent this from occurring, you will have to use a paddler to stir the water while bathing. When you light the fire, make sure to use a clan fire paper, and then switch to a dry light covered. There is a simple rule, the more wood you use, the faster the water will reach the desired temperature, and the more wood you add, the longer you will maintain a steady temperature.

If your water gets hot too quickly, reduce the use of wood, and minimize the airflow. At this point, the water should cool down fast. Also, make sure that the wood heater doesn’t get too hot; otherwise, it will melt. That’s why it’s crucial to monitor your cooling system.

Smoke is a potential issue for many tub owners. However, if you use high heat and low smoke fuel sources, you shouldn’t experience any problems. Keep in mind that your firewood must be dry and not green. Remember to clean the chimney regularly and remove any obstruction, to prevent excessive smoking.

Using your tub in the winter

It is possible to use your hot tub during winter, but you must ensure that system doesn’t freeze. Many claim that winter bathing is the most enjoyable experience, so if you have a hot tub, why not try it. The Nordic culture is notorious for its hot tubs and outdoor pools.

wood fired hot tub in the winter

When you are heating the tub in the winter, you need to consider two important factors. The first one, the water’s starting temperature is much cooler than in summer; therefore, it needs more time to heat up. The second part includes that heater may freeze when you put out the fire.

If you want to use your hot tub during winter month, you need to pay more attention to the heather and continuously add firewood. When the water reaches the desired temperature, make sure to keep the fire going, but not at its full potential. Keep the fire low or add a bed of coals to keep the heater producing a minimum amount of heat.

In this case, it’s crucial to find the right balance, so you don’t experience energy loss. During winter months, the recommended temperature ranges between 102F and 104F.

How to prevent the heater from freezing?

While heaters are designed to withstand all kinds of temperature, you must be extra careful during the winter season. When you are done with your outdoor spa, you need to either drain the tub or use valves to isolate and drain the heater.

You can get insulation for your hot tub, which will keep the water warm for days; however, the heater is still exposed to weather elements and can freeze.

Here are a couple of things you can do to protect your heater:

  • Make sure that fire is 100% extinguished
  • Use gate valves to isolate the heater from the tub
  • Drain the heater
  • Don’t forget to open valves before starting a fire